Aug 3

nope, still bored of tumblr

Aug 3
Aug 3
Aug 3

Song of the Week 12/02/2012: Oasis - Champagne Supernova

Feb 5

Song of the Week 05/02/2012: Bon Iver - Minnesota, WI

Song of the Week 29/01/2012: Johnny Cash - You Are My Sunshine

want to know who my anon was last night now



Now it’s that time of the night that I experience every single night; attempting to fall asleep. It’s great, I love it, makes me feel good, not frustrating at all, and it’s 10x worse when I’ve got shit stuff on my mind. Love ma life.

Idk I just want sleeping pills from my doctor but I doubt they’d ever give them to me.

Get melatonin off the internet, it’s a bodily hormone as opposed to sleeping pills which are man made compounds. There’s also way less risk of overdosing. I used to use it and it worked great. 

my god my icon is old now.